Enrolling Is Easy

Swing into the Activity Center about 10 minutes before your class is going to begin. We have some paper work for you to fill out and if your getting a karate uniform that night then you can go change in the YMCA’s locker rooms. You can bring a bag to keep your items with you in the activity center if you like, or the preferred method is to bring a lock and use a locker in the locker room to store your valuables inside.

Please wear comfortable loose clothing in case we don’t have your size uniform or if you’re not getting a uniform. You can wear shoes to class, but please bring clean dry shoes with you; not ones you just splashed in the puddles with or finished mowing the lawn in. A water bottle is also recommended.

It also helps us be preparred if you can send us an email letting us know what night your starting on so we can keep an eye out for you.


As we are classically focused we use the old form of the word ‘karate’ meaning China Hand.

China Hand Kanji 240x159

General Info

Information that tells you a little bit about our style, origin, history, our belt ranks, and instructors.

General Information

Self Defense Research

Valuable statistical information about assaults in the US & successful defensive strategies.

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