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We offer two classes. One is our Adult program available to ages 13 years and up. It focuses heavily on self-defense using punching, kicking, and pressure points to defend oneself.

Our second class is our Parent Child class. It is open to students 6 – 12 years and their parents or guardians. It teaches the basic kicking and punching skills of karate giving students the knowledge they need to  move into the adult class to learn further self-defense techniques. We do require parents to participate in class with their child/children.

Training is conducted at the NW Family Y, 3760 Lexington Ave. N. Shoreview, MN.


As we are classically focused we use the old form of the word ‘karate’ meaning China Hand.

China Hand Kanji 240x159

General Info

Information that tells you a little bit about our style, origin, history, our belt ranks, and instructors.

General Information

Self Defense Research

Valuable statistical information about assaults in the US & successful defensive strategies.

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