New Student Info

If you want to sign up for classes you can:

  1. Visit the Shoreview YMCA website
  2. Talk to the friendly and knowledgeable folks at the front desk. They can take care of you.

You can also:

  1. Find out more about us by browsing the website. There is a wide variety of info available here.
  2. Send us an email with your questions:
  3. Give us a call, leave a message and we’ll call back: 612.466.0799
  4. Best of all, stop into the activity center at the NW YMCA, say hi, watch a class and ask questions!



As we are classically focused we use the old form of the word ‘karate’ meaning China Hand.

China Hand Kanji 240x159

General Info

Information that tells you a little bit about our style, origin, history, our belt ranks, and instructors.

General Information

Self Defense Research

Valuable statistical information about assaults in the US & successful defensive strategies.

Self Defense Small

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