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KARATE – As we are classically focused we use the old form of the word ‘karate’ meaning China Hand.


DOJO – The place where karate is studied and practiced

GI – Karate Uniform

KATA – Kata are sets of pre-defined moves that form the foundation for a moving encyclopedia of your martial art. Some schools refer to kata as forms.

KYOTSUKE – A call to attention. Students should stand up straight with feet together, bow and wait for the next command.

HAJIME – The command to begin.

COUNTING ONE TO TEN – ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, sichi, hachi, ku, ju

Class Times

We have classes three nights a week for adult training and one night a week for parents and children to train together.

Clock and calendar

Kata Videos

For reference. Some were shot as mirror images so you can follow along facing your monitor or TV.

Film strip, vector

Adult Curriculum

Everything you need to know about your belt requirements. Kata videos, bunkai/oyo videos, extra study materials and more.

Adult Curriculum small

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