Blue Stripe

 GERI WAZA: kicking techniques

step through front | step through round | step through side | step through naihanchi

PARTNER KICKS – add reverse punch

KIHON WAZA: break fall techniques

standing side | standing back | standing front | low rolling

KATA: forms

naihanchi shodan | gekisai di ni | naihanchi nidan

IPPON KUMITE waza: one step sparring techniques

ATTACK: (open stance) step up side kick to thigh DEFENSE: down counter, back fist, naihanchi kick
ATTACK: (closed stance)  lunge attack DEFENSE: make space, snap side kick to leg, counter punch
ATTACK: (open stance) jab low, jab high DEFENSE: chicken wrist down counter, inside parry, lead leg round kick

— Instructors may alter requirements as deemed appropriate —

Class Times

We have classes three nights a week for adult training and one night a week for parents and children to train together.

Clock and calendar

Kata Videos

For when you are away from the dojo. Some were shot as mirror images so you can follow along facing your monitor or  TV.

Film strip, vector

Adult Curriculum

Everything you need to know about your belt requirements. Kata videos, bunkai/oyo videos, extra study materials and more.

Adult Curriculum small

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