General Information

SHORIN-RYU: The name for our base style of karate. 

JU NAN SHORIN RYU: Our particular sub-style of Shorin-Ryu. 

ORIGIN: Shuri, capitol city of the Ryuku Kingdom on the largest island of the Ryuku archipelago, Okinawa. 

AGE: Originally formed by combining the White Crane and Shaolin Kung Fu systems from China with indigenous self-defense techniques of the Okinawins (called Te) following the invastion of Okinawa by the Shimazu clan from Japan in 1609.

ADULT BELT RANKS: (ascending order) White, Gold, Blue, Green, Purple, 3 Levels of Brown, 10 Degrees of Black Belt.

PARENT/CHILD BELT RANKS: (ascending order) White, Gold Stripe, Blue Stripe, Green Stripe, Purple Stripe

Our Lineage

Class Times

We have classes three nights a week for adult training and one night a week for parents and children to train together.

Clock and calendar

Kata Videos

For reference. Some were shot as mirror images so you can follow along facing your monitor or TV.

Film strip, vector

Adult Curriculum

Everything you need to know about your belt requirements. Kata videos, bunkai/oyo videos, extra study materials and more.

Adult Curriculum small

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