Adult Curriculum

Adult karate-ka (karate students) are trained in typical punching and kicking techniques as well as self-defense techniques, grappling, throws, takedowns, kyusho-jitsu (pressure point fighting) and martial arts philosophy.  A reading list will expose the karate-ka to diverse technique and thought.  

The kyu ranks – through 3rd Degree Brown Belt (1st Kyu) – will be tested on kata (forms), bunkai, oyo, basic drills, goshin waza (self-defense techniques), randori and free sparring.  Above Black Belt 1st Dan students will expand and deepen their understanding of martial excellence through intense study of kata interpretation and kyusho application.

Class Times

We have classes three nights a week for adult training and one night a week for parents and children to train together.

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Kata Videos

For when you are away from the dojo. Some were shot as mirror images so you can follow along facing your monitor or TV.

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Parent/Child Curriculum

Everything you need to know to help your child learn and grow in martial arts. Kata videos, partner drills video and more.

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