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… white belt to black belt, studying karate is a continual journey toward personal excellence; this is Full Circle Martial Arts.

We believe in a Full Circle approach to teaching martial arts. One that not only teaches smart and  practical self defense skills, but life skills that include inner strength, self-confidence, discipline, philosophy, community, and perhaps most importantly fun, because no one wants to attend classes they do not enjoy.

We teach classical Junan Shorin Ryu karate with as much interdisciplinary flavor as we can fit into it (such as kung fu, jujitsu, krav maga and Pressure Points). We emphasize humane self-defense techniques that work and we expose students to the latest thinking in martial arts philosophy and technique.

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How to be aware. How to de-escalate. How to punch. How to kick. How to grapple. How to throw. How to fall. How to use Pressure Points.

Full Circle Martial Arts Classes

Class Times & Prices

We have classes three nights a week for adult training (Mon, Tues, Thurs) and one night a week for parents and children to train together (Tues).

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How to Enroll

Enroll on the Shoreview Y website or at the front desk. Wear comfortable, loose clothing in case we don’t have a uniform your size in stock. 

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